Architecture of new buildings

Projects for new buildings have the advantage of being able to adapt better to the needs and wishes of the developer. Apart from this, the costs, according to the needs and possibilities of the developer, can be contrrolled more easily.


The CMP will plan and carry out restorations preserving the fundamental structure and historic style of the buildings. CMP will obtain exisiting historic elements (beams, doors, stone elements etc.) creating a very harmonious reformation. An historic building will be restored in this way, with the standards of the most modern houses of the 21st Century.

Interior Design

The completion of the detailed Interior Architecture is also completed by CMP in a way that the final result of the project is a unique style , whether in a restoration or new building.


If clients desire, CMP can complete Gardening and exterior projects which are then carried out by experienced gardening companies, including the installation of irrigation systems.